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Maverick2 November 25th, 2000 11:00 PM

This has got to stop. Colt69 is an abomination to the Quake 3 Ladder. He waits his 14 days and then plays some little unranked guy, who he probably made up. I, for one, have never seen "lilgdogg" running around the servers(be sure to make note of it if you have).

Is it not in the rules that every 3 days the top ten must face the directly lower and higher ranked players? This is not so in his situation. Rudeboy74 has challenged and challenged and colt gives no answer.

Should he get away with simply facing a newbie to keep in the top rank? He breaks the rules and doesn't even act like an honorable person. The bottom line is that he's a little pansy whose afraid of losing the #1 spot because he's not good enough to deserve it. And that's exactly why something needs to be done.

I know this is just a game, but a game I like to see be fun. And this is NOT FUN. Anyone who agrees with this notion, please feel free to reply to it with your thoughts.

And as always, good luck and happy fragging

*Rambo* November 25th, 2000 11:58 PM

Psuedo champ-Pansy alert
Yeah, this is really getting on my nerves. He's some football guy who got on the ladder the first day and is now breaking the rules to stay at the number one spot. Any one of us in the top 30 could waste this pansy. How could being #1 be fun for this guy when he knows it's a farce? Until we get him out of there, we will just consider rUdEbOy74 for the #1 spot....11th is actually 10th and so on. Let's all contact Dricas and let them know of the situation.

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