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Cool Boarders 3 Box
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Cool Boarders 3

Released: October 28, 1998
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developer: Idol Minds Digital Entertainment
Genre: Extreme Sports
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Grab your board get your lift ticket and get ready to shred some serious snow in Cool Boarders 3 for PlayStation. A brand new 3D game engine gives you lifelike characters and panoramic courses with real-time rendering for the most realistic snowboarding experience. Take on 32 new beautifully designed courses with razor sharp turns intimidating jumps challenging moguls slippery ice and more. Hidden courses include an Avalanche and Tree Run where flawless control is mandatory. Choose from 16 Burton 6 Ride and 1 Swatch snowboards that are individually designed with their own specific ratings. The boards are created with the same tendencies as the real boards like control acceleration responsiveness and flexibility. Pull off the classic moves like reverse 360s Front Side 540's Rodeo & Misty Flips Board Slides Tailgrabs and Stalefish. Perform 35 tricks plus thousands of different combinations of grabs spins and flips.

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