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Dead or Alive 4 Box
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Dead or Alive 4

Released: December 29, 2005
Platform: Xbox 360
Publisher: Tecmo
Developer: Team Ninja
Genre: Fighting
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The critically and commercially acclaimed Dead or Alive series once again rises to new levels in Dead or Alive 4 with more speed, power, new characters, never before seen moves, beautifully detailed interactive levels, stunning costumes, the ever-lovely DOA ladies, and raw head-to-head heart pumping excitement all whilte pioneering a new generation of gaming for the new fighting game era.

  • Advanced countering system bring the fastest fight action ever made for a home console!
  • Experience the DOA online world: form clans, play simultaneously in large groups, play in tournaments and chill out in the interactive DOA4 lobbies!
  • New characters include Kokoro, La Mariposa and Eliot, plus, the return of DOA3 favorites, Christie and Brad Wong!
  • Master level game design and unbelievably realistic graphics from the legendary development group, Team NINJA!
  • All new DOA environments interact with your deadly moves!
  • New revealing secrets from the dramatic and competitive world of DOA!

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