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Released: 2000
Platform: XavixPort
Publisher: SSD Company
Developer: SSD Company
Genre: Sports
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XaviX Bowling Cartridge For use with XaviXPort gaming system. Ever wanted to jump inside of the games you play? Now you can play with the interactive gaming series from XaviXGames. Groundbreaking XaviXTechnology lets you step into the action and play like never before, with real game objects that control the action. Hardware includes system cartridge and bowling ball with wrist strap, no batteries needed. Wireless motion recognition determines if you roll a strike or angle the ball enough to pick up your winning spare in the final game. The XaviXBowling Cartridge easily loads into your XaviXPORT to start your bowling action. You control the amount of hook on each release. Realistic graphics and stereo sound put you in the bowling alley. Create up to 8 players that you can name. Customize your game by creating different bowling techniques and hooking styles. Choose from one of three different game modes. - Against the Clock - Panel Crusher

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