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Xavix BassFISHING Box
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Released: June 15, 2006
Platform: XavixPort
Publisher: SSD Company
Developer: SSD Company
Genre: Sports
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We fished for something revolutionary ... and found this state-of-the-art entertainment. This game features a unique interactive design with a wireless rod and reel, so you feel like your takin' in some action out on the lake. What makes it more realstic? You can cast any way you like. With high-definition graphics and stereo sound effects to add to the experience. Challenge your fishing skills in tournament mode, fish at your leisure in free fishing, use your knowledge of lures and collect some trophies. Plus, there's data that lists your ranking for each fishing spot, difficulty level and the largest fish caught for each type of fish. Simply plug the cartridge into your XaviXPORT system (sold separately) and get ready for the highly-advanced, interactive way to enjoy fishing.

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