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Bomberman Hero Box
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Bomberman Hero

Released: September 1, 1998
Platform: Nintendo 64
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Developer: Hudson Soft
Genre: Platform
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Everyone's favorite hero returns in his first true adventure title on the Nintendo 64. This time Bomberman must rescue the fair princess Millian from the clutches of a nefarious force known as the Evil Empire. While on hiatus, Bomberman has been working out and developing some new capabilities such as a Super Jump, remote-control bombs, and the multi-bomb roll. He's also picked up some red-hot new transportation - get ready for the Bomberjet, the bombercopter, the Bomberslider, and even the Bombermarine! Keeping our hero out of trouble are two new friends: Pinbot, a fiesty robot with clues for escaping tight spots, and Louis, a rabbit-like faithful steed.

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