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Panic Bomber Box
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Panic Bomber

Released: December 1995
Platform: Virtual Boy
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Developer: Hudson Soft
Genre: Puzzle
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Bomberman makes his 3D debut in PANIC BOMBER for the Nintendo Virtual Boy. You’ll have a blast as you make your way through levels like “Scary Ruins,” “Sinister Forest,” “Desert Desolation,” and “The Island of Ever Mist.” Just remember to watch out for the likes of Ms. Flashy and Count Dracu-Doom, who will do everything in their powers to stop you from reaching the mythical Golden Statue of Bomberman. In this unique puzzler, you can rotate and move falling blocks in order to line them up properly. If you line up three of the same kind of block, they’ll disappear and leave room for more. Get ready for an explosive good time as you rise to the challenge of four worlds in your search for the Statue.

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