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.hack: Infection Box
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.hack: Infection

Released: February 11, 2003
Platform: Playstation 2
Publisher: Bandai
Developer: Cyber Connect
Genre: RPG
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You're in their WORLD now! Who is Aura? What is the Book of Twilight? Why did your friend, Orca, fall into a mysterious coma? As the outlaw player, Kite, you're on a mission of truth. Take a journey into a virtual world where anything's possible, and nothing's as it appears. Fight your way through contaminated levels of cyberspace as you take on and eliminate enemies, and unlock codes that will allow you to gate travel to even more environments- all in a desperate attempt to discover who or whats behind The World. Embark on an epic journey to unlock the truth lurking behind The World. Taking over the World has never been this contagious!

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