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Daytona USA 2001 Box
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Daytona USA 2001

Released: March 13, 2001
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Amusement Vision
Genre: Racing
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There are two types of racing games: one for gearheads who know the difference between double A-arm and panhard rod suspensions, and one for the rest of us who know the difference between the gas and brake pedals. If you're in the latter group, listen up because one of the highest-grossing arcade racers of all time, Daytona USA, has come to the Dreamcast. Not only can you go head-to-head in two-player split-screen mode, but you can also race up to three other Dreamcasters via the Internet. Before you take that car out on the information superhighway, though, you might want to think about downloading a competitor's driving record and data in the form of a ghost car, against which you can develop your racing strategy.

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