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Bass Masters Classic Box
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Bass Masters Classic

Released: 1994
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Black Pearl Software
Genre: Hunting
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Now when you can’t get out to the lake, you can go fishing on your Sega Genesis with BASSMASTERS CLASSIC. Choose from a variety of lures and hit your favorite fishing hole. You cast the line by stopping a power meter at one of five positions—more power equals more distance. After you cast the line, you must wait for a fish to strike. When it does, get ready for a fight. Once you get the fish to the boat the game is not over, as you must stick you hand into the water and grab the catch. If you can’t get a hold of it within three tries, you’ll be telling stories about the one that got away. All of this action takes place in Practice and Tournament modes. If you can’t get to the lake, bring the lake to you with BASSMASTERS CLASSIC.

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