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.hack: Quarantine Box
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.hack: Quarantine

Released: January 13, 2004
Platform: Playstation 2
Publisher: Bandai
Developer: Cyber Connect
Genre: RPG
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The Last Stand...

In the final episode of the .hack saga, play as the outlaw player Kite to finally unravel the mystery behind "The World." And this time it's against the clock...

As events in "The World" continue to create havoc in the real world, CC Corp. faces increasing pressure to move the game servers offline, meaning certain death for all comatose victims. It's up to you now. Can you cure this virus and restore order in "The World?" And can you do it before time runs out for your friend, Orca?
  • Bring your saved data over from Part 3 and hit the ground running in Part 4.
  • Simulated MMORPG: no internet connection required!
  • Dual Voiceover: choose either English or Japanese
  • Also look for .hack DVDs, trading cards, strategy guides and now Manga comics! .hack//Legend of the Twilight available now from TOKYOPOP.
    From the creators of GHOST IN THE SHELL and EVANGELION! Includes a seperate DVD containing an exclusive 30 minute original Anime movie! Watch it and uncover clues to solve the mystery of .hack.
  • .hack//Liminality Vol. 4: Trismegistus
    Screenplay... Kazanori Ito
    Director (OVA)... Koichi Mashimo
    Character Design (Game)... Yoshiyaki Sadamoto

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