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Alien Front Online

Released: August 9, 2001
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: WOW Entertainment
Genre: Action
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Get to the front lines and grab your weapons - they're here! As Tank Commander, blast the elite Alien Triclops Guard with a dose of nuclear medicine and buy yourself some time to get more power-ups together to save the Earth. This fierce Alien race has come to eradicate all human life, and they're looking for volunteers to join their cause. You're free to switch sides and take command of a futuristic 2-leg walker, a 4-leg spider walker, or an anti-gravity hovercraft vehicle. No matter what side you choose, your stash of weapons is impressive. The earth-bound army has an enormous amount of flamethrowers, hellfire missiles, and nuclear strikes, while the Triclops fire back with futuristic bio-mechanical weapons, meteor showers, light swarms, and seeker wings. Who will win global control? Team up with alien friends or foes online in a heated Dreamcast battle to find out the fate of our fair planet.

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