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PlayStation Plus - Service Required
Posted by Game Rogue on 06.11.2013
Sony jumps on Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold bandwagon.

Nintendo WiiU E3 Conference
Posted by Game Rogue on 06.11.2013
Nintendo debuts a good number of Wii U exclusive's during their E3 2013 Nintendo Direct.

Killer Instinct reboot is free-to-play, only one character is free
Posted by Game Rogue on 06.11.2013
Killer Instinct is getting a reboot on Xbox One, courtesy of Double Helix Games . Good news: it’s free-to-play. Potential bad news: you have to pay for every character, except Jago.

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Sony PS4 E3 Conference
Posted by Game Rogue on 06.11.2013
Sony shows a lot of console for 100 dollars less than their main competitor, and no mandatory DRM, but where were the exclusives?

Tom Clancy's The Division (XB1, PS4)
Posted by bigloser on 06.11.2013
One of the more impressive next-gen showings at E3, video inside.

Are you Pre-Ordering the Xbox One?
Posted by Game Rogue on 06.10.2013
I just pre bought my Xbox One – first preorder at the store I frequent. GameStop, and I'm sure other retailers, have initial pre-order allotment restrictions that will make it very difficult to secure the console if not reserved early.

MS Xbox One E3 Conference
Posted by turningpoint on 06.10.2013
Microsoft shows a fair number of Xbox One exclusives at their E3 conference. But will their DRM and 100 dollar price difference be too much for Microsoft to overcome?

Xbox Next Generation Reveal - May 21st
Posted by bigloser on 05.19.2013
The next-generation of Xbox will be revealed on Spike-TV and Xbox Live on May 21st @ 1 PM EST.

Live 12 month $34.99 at Amazon
Posted by Arod1983 on 01.27.2013
Xbox Live 12 month subs @ Amazon for $34.99. Link is inside...

DMC - Reboot Done Right
Posted by bigloser on 01.17.2013
Ninja Theory puts their own spin on the beloved Devil May Cry series... Is it a successful reboot? Or did Ninja Theory lose sight of what the fans loved about the DMC franchise?

2013 Game List buying?
Posted by turningpoint on 01.10.2013
What are the games you're most looking forward to this year?

Anarchy Reigns (Platinum Games, $29.99)
Posted by bigloser on 01.05.2013
Sega graces gamers with another game from Platinum Games, and at a budget price.

Cave Shooting Collection
Posted by Game Rogue on 12.31.2012
One of the more impressive shooter compilations in recent memory, check inside for full list of games included in the collection.

Far Cry 3 - Saved the best for Last?
Posted by bigloser on 11.29.2012
One of the few times in recent memory one of the last video game releases of the year, is also one of the best.

Borderlands 2
Posted by bigloser on 09.20.2012
Borderlands 2 is out for PC/PS3/360, come inside and post your impressions!

Greg Zeschuk, Ray Muzyka (co-founders) are leaving BioWare
Posted by -Tetsuo- on 09.18.2012
The Doctors are retiring from the company they started over 17 years ago.

Xbox Live Is 10!
Posted by turningpoint on 09.14.2012
Yup, it has already been 10 years, and yes, we are all getting old.

Crytek ~ Next-gen overdue, tablets may takeover
Posted by bigloser on 08.08.2012
Crytek founder Cevat Yerli did an interview with VG247. In the interview Yerli expressed his feelings that the next generation of consoles are overdue, and the longer it takes the next generation to arrive, the more in danger consoles become of being replaced by tablets as gaming devices..


Persona 4: Arena
Posted by bigloser on 08.08.2012
Arc Sytem Works has been tasked with taking the most beloved JRPG of the past 10 years and spinning it off into a fighting game... and it looks like they somehow managed to make a great fighting game while retaining the story and personality of Persona 3 and 4.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (XBLA)
Posted by bigloser on 06.07.2012
Sega's Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is available on PSN and XBLA for $14.99.

E3 2012: Summer of Arcade
Posted by Noodle on 06.05.2012
Microsoft gives us a peek at this year's Summer of Arcade.

Watch Dogs (Must watch demo)
Posted by bigloser on 06.04.2012
Ubisoft gives us a glimpse of what next-gen games will probably look like.

Tomb Raider
Posted by Bigg Russ on 06.01.2012
New Trailer for Lara Croft's newest game.

Motorola lawsuit judge recommends Xbox 360 S sales ban in U.S.
Posted by Arod1983 on 05.27.2012
Could the Xbox 360 really see a ban in North America?

Dragon's Dogma - Capcom's Skyrim
Posted by bigloser on 05.23.2012
Capcom's take on western RPGs is here, discuss inside!

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:: NBA Street ::
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:: Sonic Adventure 2 ::
DC : Sonic and friends make a return, but this time they've got new problems.

:: Paper Mario ::
N64 : Mario once again finds himself in an RPG setting.
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