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Waterworld Box
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Released: December 1995
Platform: Virtual Boy
Publisher: Ocean
Developer: Ocean
Genre: Action
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The feature film WATERWORLD has made its way to the Nintendo Virtual Boy, giving you the chance to relive your favorite scenes as you fight for survival—and that of an entire civilization. As the Mariner, you’ve taken it upon yourself to find Enola (the young girl with the secret to Dryland) and defeat the evil Deacon. It seems that the Deacon has unleashed a ruthless band of Smokers on the Atollers, and they’re determined to find Enola—even if it means wiping out the entire civilization! WATERWORLD gives you a 3D experience like you’ve never seen before, as you battle the Smokers, hunt down the Deacon, and continue your search for Enola and Dryland.

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