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Metroid Prime

Released: November 18, 2002
Platform: Game Cube
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Developer: Retro Studios, Inc
Genre: Adventure
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Evil waits below the surface...

Something sinister lurks in the depths of planet Tallon IV. Interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran is the only one who can destroy this evil... but first it must be found.
  • Use all the technological upgrades to Samus's Power Suit... including the Thermal and Scan Visors.
  • Wield powerful weapons like the Wave and Ice Beams as you take on the Space Pirates and their legions.
  • Roll into the Morph Ball to explore tight spots, bomb through walls, and roll your way to out-of-reach areas.
  • Explore the enormous regions of Tallon IV, from the frozen Phendrana Drifts to the crumbling Chozo Ruins.

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